Expressive Arts

So What Else’s combined arts curriculum inspires and encourages students’ creativity, play and expression. Expressive Arts exposes students to a variety of mediums, including studio art, theater, and music. Students are encouraged to openly express themselves in creative and novel ways that fosters a healthy avenue to self-discovery and a way to release worry and stress.



Studio Art

The Studio Art Curriculum exposes students to different artistic mediums such as paint, pastels, clay, photography, printmaking, drawing and trash-to-treasure crafts using recyclable material. Our program includes collaborative group projects that allow kids to bounce their creativity off one another and use teamwork to create a final product. The session finishes with an art show/gallery walk for program participants, family and community to enjoy.

Theater Art

Our Theater Arts program encourages our youth to step outside their comfort zones and explore their inner thespians! Through improv games, story development, short plays, and more, our theater students learn about the history of theater and how theater as a creative outlet can benefit their own lives. Each theater arts program concludes with an end-of-semester showcase to share with their families and the community.


Musical Arts

In Musical Arts, our students get a rich introduction to different instruments, singing, movement and rhythm: throughout the semester, students learn how to make musical instruments out of recycled materials, listen and learn about music from all parts of the globe, and write their own original lyrics. Music exposure increases youth’s learning ability in all area of their lives and our program encourages our youth to be their most creative selves!