"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth."

-Muhammad Ali

Talia Ramey
Director of Youth Development

Talia’s career began as a disgruntled environmental activist who felt she had no effective outlet. She landed a position a Research Coordinator for Clinical Cancer trials through the NIH, but soon found that her heart was not in this work despite it being what she once thought was her dream job. Through her own experiences with illness, she witnessed first-hand the very real healing powers of clean eating and herbal medicine, and as a science mind, she stuck with what worked. She thus left the cancer research world and jumped head first into herbalism and permaculture, eventually finding So What Else along the way.

Talia is now the Director of Youth Development, working as an advocate for all the youth and communities that So What Else reaches. Her Science of Cooking curriculum blends science and nutrition in a way that provides youth with the opportunity to make informed decisions about the food they choose to put into their bodies, and to be aware of the environmental impact that our diets and lifetsyles have.