We have partnered with Launch to carry out the unified mission of changing lives by providing care and services for children and families living in underserved communities in the greater Washington, DC, area.

In partnership with So What Else, Launch will provide unique fitness and wellness programming for several of our communities. Launch seeks to change lives through these classes by (1) building a stronger sense of community, (2) nourishing their total wellness, (3) boosting self-confidence and a positive self-image, and (4) improving socialization skills rooted in wellness principles.

A little more about LaunchFIT…

  • Each child will participate in 60 minutes of group fitness training followed by 30 minutes of wellness exploration.
  • The fitness training will consist of cardiovascular endurance training, strength training, speed and agility work, power and explosiveness techniques, mobility and flexibility drills, calisthenics, and plyometrics.
  • The wellness exploration will be led by a Social Worker, Doctor of Physical Therapy, and/or a trained Fitness Coach. This part of the program will focus on the ten aspects of total wellness: physical, mental, emotional, social, environmental, nutritional, intellectual, occupational, spiritual, and financial. Kids will explore these areas through facilitated group discussions and activities.
    • Examples of wellness discussion topics include teamwork, self-confidence, visualization, self-esteem, service-oriented living, etc.
    • Examples of wellness activities include: creating life maps, gratitude journaling, meditation, joy boards, and hosting special speakers
  • Montgomery County/Maryland

  • Washington DC After-School Programs

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