New Food Box Program for Students!

We have recently launched a new initiative to address food insecurity among students. Thanks to the Fowler Foundation’s suggestion, So What Else has developed a food box program that ensures students have access to nutritious meals over the weekends and makes a real difference in the lives of many students.

The program is a perfect example of how we have connected our food and youth missions to make a significant impact on the community. We recognize that hunger can have a profound impact on a student’s academic performance and overall well-being. So, by providing food to these students, we are not only addressing a critical need but also contributing to the development of a healthy and successful future generation. The food boxes contain a variety of healthy foods that students can easily prepare over the weekend. The program aims to ensure that no student goes hungry and that they have the energy and resources they need to succeed in school and beyond.

The program also engages volunteers who pack and decorate the food boxes with the So What Else stickers and tape from Sticker Mule. Sticker Mule has been So What Else’s favorite sticker maker​, and their contribution has been crucial in making the program successful. Volunteers are vital to the program’s success, and they not only help pack the boxes but also provide a sense of community and support to the students.

Overall, our new food box program is an excellent example of how we can connect our missions to make a real impact on the community. The program not only addresses food insecurity but also provides opportunities for community involvement and support. Thanks to the Fowler Foundation and Sticker Mule, So What Else can continue to provide nutritious food to students and help them thrive both in and out of the classroom.

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