Key Bridge Collapse Baltimore Baby Formula Drive

So What Else to Support Struggling Dock Workers in the Aftermath of the Key Bridge Collapse

So What Else is proudly working with the International Longshoreman Union Local #333 to help support the over 1,200 dock workers living in Dundalk, MD, who have lost their jobs due to the tragic Key Bridge collapse in Baltimore. These hard-working individuals are receiving little to no unemployment while they wait for the port to reopen and need urgent assistance to help support their families amidst this tragedy. 

In addition to providing vital necessities recovered through our Food Rescue Bank, So What Else is hosting a Formula Drive to collect donations of baby formula, a costly staple many dock workers are struggling to afford right now, throughout the month of April. Interested individuals can donate unused formula or purchase formula on behalf of a family and drop it off at our flagship pantry at 4924 Wyaconda Rd, North Bethesda, MD, every weekday from 10:00am to 4:00pm. 

Not local to the area but would still like to support the drive? Purchase formula online from sites such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, etc. and ship directly to our pantry at 4924 Wyaconda Rd, North Bethesda, MD. All donations will be delivered directly to dock workers and their families in the coming weeks. 

We appreciate any and all support you can lend our Baltimore community during this difficult time, thank you.


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