Sending Donations Where They’re Needed Most

Months ago, our team in North Bethesda received a large donation unlike any other. While the team is used to receiving miscellaneous items and unrecognizable food items, they’d never imagined they’d be asked to take in hundreds of thousands of surgical gowns from Blessed in Tech Ministries. Never one to pass up a donation, they accepted, though at the time, they were unsure when or who they’d give them away to. For months they sat in our warehouse while we searched for someone to take them. But On Monday, July 24th, with the help of FC Group, we were able to send all 253,972lbs of surgical gowns where they will be needed most: the frontlines of Ukraine.

It’s moments like we’re humbled by the scale of our work and the global impact we’re able to have during exchanges such as these. Thank you to FC Group for facilitating this exchange and sending these gowns to a good home.


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