Our Mission

So What Else exists in a tripod of service:

  1. To provide out of school time educational and creative programming to underserved youth;

  2. To promote volunteerism and provide resources and service to other community organizations; and to

  3. Mobilize the youth we serve to, in return, pay it forward to their community through service.

In short, our motto is help the kids; help the community; and help the kids help the community.

As an organization, So What Else’s primary goal is to continue expanding our after-school and summer programs to children who do not otherwise have access to extracurricular enrichment activities without programs such as ours. So What Else's diverse curriculum fosters academic achievement, inspires community engagement, teaches teamwork and empathy, nurtures a healthy lifestyle, engenders a sense of well-being and self-efficacy, and promotes environmental stewardship.

Founded on the simple desire to do good in the world, So What Else has not abandoned its altruistic roots. In addition to our year-round enrichment activities, So What Else leads volunteers at +70 volunteer events per year, logging +1,500 individual service hours, and incorporates service activities into all after school and summer sites regardless of class focus.