"It takes a community to serve a community."

Dave Silbert
Executive Director & Co-Founder

For as long as he can remember, Dave has always wanted to help people and serve his community in whatever way he could. As a young adult, Dave gained extensive experience working with people as the Assistant Director of an in-patient rehabilitation facility in California. After returning to the East Coast, he started his own personal training and sports coaching business, learning the in's and out's of running one's own business and the joy in working with kids.

In 2009, a life-changing service trip to the lower 9th Ward in New Orleans changed the course of his life, and the emotional impact of taking part in this kind of philanthropic activism inspired him and Bob to organize their own community’s efforts in a local nonprofit to stimulate volunteerism in their own community; from this simple trip, So What Else was born.

Dave has three kids and lives in Montgomery County, Maryland.