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Now Recruiting for Summer 2019!


We are looking for full-time/part-time volunteers to join us during our busiest and most exciting time of year: summer camp!

We provide free, all-day camps for our fabulous youths in the metropolitan region, and we are looking for dedicated community members to join us in our mentoring endeavors!

This opportunity is open to students; as well as, non-student folk who are looking for something fulfilling to embark on this summer!

Volunteer responsibilities range from being a program assistant to being a program lead; we will assess the most suitable position for folks upon meeting individually.

All program volunteers will be required to attend the Summer Camp Training along with the So What Else staff; come meet the team! Training date is TBD. 

This opportunity has the potential to become a paid position!

Fill out the form below and we will be in touch soon!

More Details:

We are seeking dedicated mentors willing to commit to showing-up for the youth.

Volunteers are needed: to engage with youth in a manner that exhibits Positive Youth Development philosophy, to provide mentorship to individuals & groups, to tutor and provide homework help, to help site directors execute lesson plans, and to contribute the overall functions of the program.

It is pertinent that our mentors be trauma informed and culturally sensitive; we will provide the necessary trainings and resources in order to cultivate these understandings.

Please register with your prospective availability, whether you are offering to take Mentor or Mentoring Assistant role, & a contact number.

Interview process and Background Checks will be performed.

High Priority Community Sites:


ADDRESS: Wingate Apartments, 4660 Martin Luther King Ave, SW, Washington DC

DATES: Every Saturday, 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM

DETAILS: SWE hosts Saturday youth mixed programming for the children & teens of the Wingate Community! We also host monthly community breakfast events on site, one Saturday a month. This is a growing program and we are looking for volunteers to join us and help support our staff as well as one on one mentoring with youth.


ADDRESS: 1201 1st Street, Rockville MD 20852

DATES: Every Monday through Friday, 3:30 to 6:30 PM

Details: Join our team at our home site of Rockville Housing to help sustain a positive impact on the youth we serve in Rockville, MD. This location is one of our highest priority-sites, we provide free, after-school, spring and summer enrichment programs. Part-time commitments can be as little as one day per week. We will always work with our volunteer's scheduling needs. 

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