November 17: Musical Arts Thanskgiving Recital


On November 17, our Musical Arts students at Park Montgomery Apartments put on a Thanksgiving Recital for their community! The kids got to choose what they wanted to perform, with only the following guidelines: the performance must be 2:45 or less; if you perform you must participate in the finale, a group performance with all performers; and if you want to receive the big prize, you must participate in the Winter Recital as well as the Thanksgiving Recital. The participants decided as a group what they wanted as their prize, and will be enjoying a Popeyes Party at the end of the semester!

The kids spent the last several weeks preparing for their performance, utilizing their time to practice and get constructive feedback from Ms. Kathelen and their peers, who encouraged the performers to make their performance more exciting by adding more ENERGY!   

The excitement was palpable the night of as parents, siblings, and So What Else staff members filed in for the big event. There were five performances, a mix of drumming, dancing, and singing based on the Musical Arts program they’ve attended since September. Ms. Kathleen had given the performers three options for the finale, and of Conqueror, You’re So Beautiful, and Love Yourself, the performer chose Justin Bieber by a landslide! They were joined by Kathleen for the final act and received a standing ovation! After the performance, the entire class received a cake shaped like the Capitol Building, Park Montgomery received the award of So What Else Site of the Year, and the night ended with a community-wide dance party!

Our performers did an outstanding job, and although they were nervous, they are already eagerly planning the Winter Recital for mid-December.

So What Else