March 30: Spring Olympics


On March 30th, we held our annual So What Else Spring Olympics at Total Soccer Arena in Lanham, Maryland. It was a full day event that involved art, dance, music, healthy living, STEM, and sports. Spring Olympics is one of our events where all our Community Services Foundation (CSF) sites come together and enjoy a variety of activities as well as one another's company. 

Our day consisted of playing basketball, soccer, and football for anyone who wanted to do sports and we created 3d structures using marshmallows as a way to challenge our knowledge in STEM. The kids also enjoyed doing dance routines taught by one of our volunteers who is a dance and theater educator. The healthy living activity was just as active as the other activities we had as the kids helped make trail mix for them to take home. In our Art station, the students created banners for their sites and it required everyone working together to make one big banner for them to keep. 

The Spring Olympics was a big success and everyone who was a part of it had a ton of fun. Our SWE staff did a great job by bringing positive mindset and joy to the kids. 




So What Else