A Day in the Life of So What Else | Spring Program Highlight

Written by Executive Director: Dave Silbert

My Thursdays at Roosevelt High School, near Columbia Heights in Washington DC, have been filled with calming yoga, bonding and lots of great sharing over food. Last Thursday was a great example of rich and positive youth development.  

When I arrived at 3pm me and my high school students went over to the adjacent McFarland Middle School to teach a sports and nutrition class to some of their after school students. We had a big group of students, but with my six helpers from class it was perfect. A couple of the High Schoolers stayed downstairs and started the smoothies and infused water tastings.  Later, we played steal the bacon, soccer and basketball. followed by everyone competing in nutrition jeopardy and enjoying nutrient dense smoothies.

My high school kids loved the experience of giving back and the middle school kids had a blast. From 4:30 to 5:30, 8 high schoolers joined me for a relaxing and intentional yoga practice.  The kids said they felt peaceful and enjoyed the stretching and breathing techniques they learned. Yoga was followed by an amazing meal donated by Nourish Now, courtesy of Feed the Mind. This meal fed close to twenty high schoolers and the school janitor, as we prepared our own sandwiches with fresh meat from honey baked ham.

After the protein myself and four kids went down to the weight room for a personal training session. One of our youth Kevin is obsessed with lifting and wants to be a body builder. We had a great training session learning cardio plyometrics and some new arm supersets. Last but not least was the So What Else & Latin American Youth council community engagement soccer game. We broke the kids into four teams and played tournament style in the gym. The kids had an amazing time as the parents watched on with food and drink.

The whole day was one of the most rewarding I can remember.