January 13: Saturday at Wingate Apartments


Last Saturday we went to Wingate Apartments, our weekly Saturday morning program at an apartment complex in Southwest DC.  We had around 15 kids show up, and this morning we focused on healthy living and appreciation!

We started off with the healthy living activity of the morning, and the kids helped make a veggie soup from scratch with with ramen noodles, but instead of using the packet of seasoning, we made our own using spices gathered from our own homes! By using ingredients we found in our kitchen cabinets, we learned how to take a meal and make it healthier using the tools and ingredients easily found in our own kitchens. 

We then talked about compassion and what it means to be appreciative and compassionate to the people in our lives. The kids then wrote a letter to someone they love explaining why they love that person and what they mean to them. After finishing their letters, the kids made a goodie bag to give to their special someone!

It was an awesome morning learning how to be a little bit healthier in our lives and how to better appreciate the people in them. 

Barring special holidays, So What Else runs a Saturday morning program every weekend at Wingate Apartments; if you're interested in getting involved, head over to our event calendar and sign up to volunteer at a program today!